Getting the most out of your music

    • Get resources.
      Having music books at home help inspire and direct students throughout the week, whilst away from their teacher. Suitable books allow students to develop skills not set, and because they follow a linear progression, ensure that your child will be learning what needs to be learnt before moving forward. If you are unsure, please discuss with your teacher or email us at teacher support.


      Talk with you teacher.

      An open and regular chat with your child’s teacher is one of the best ways to support your child as they learn a musical instrument. Teachers love feedback from practice at home, as it makes our job easier, and our teaching more effective. Ensuring that you know what needs to happen at home is critical too – a homework book is a great way to pass messages, write reminders and keep a track of progress.

      Talk to the support staff. 

      We are here to help, and our combined experience means that no problem is too large or small. Please get in touch directly with me here if we can help you and your children succeed with their music, and enjoy the process along the way. 

      Make practice a routine?

      Practice is hard! Fights occur, tears and tantrums surround it, and eventually the parents have bigger battles to win, and music gets relegated to a “sometime” thing. Developing strong practice habits early on set an amazing expample to children about setting goals, applying time and energy, and reaping the rewards of their hard work. Simply making practice routine, and a non-avoidable reality of learning music from a young age means this potential war zone becomes a peaceful place of joy.