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Junior Keys (4 to 7)

Junior Keys is Forte’s flagship program, and once students begin working through these courses – it’s easy to see why! Our Junior Keys classes features the complete musical education – students play, sing and move their way through beautiful music. In a private setting students will be able to experience a slice of this magic as well. Each song played in the course is accompanied by our full CD backing tracks – beautifully produced music that plays at both concert and practice speed – allowing students to play along from the outset!

Junior Keys also features a full colour theory book, which students love working through – developing all the knowledge they’ll need to enjoy a lifelong love of music!

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Piano Keys (6 to 80)

Piano Keys is the complete piano program for students of all ages. Featuring a full colour book that contains all of the important theoretical and practical knowledge needed for a great start to learning piano. Fun pieces, all accompanied by great backing music, let’s students hit the ground running, while also making sure that all of the important pieces of the puzzle are in place from day 1.

Each song has backing tracks at two speeds – concert and practice, as well as theory for each important aspect of music as it is covered.

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AMEB grades:

At Forte, we are big fans of students sitting exams, and we encourage our students to do so from an early stage. Our teachers are able to take students through all grades of AMEB, and we will work hard to make sure that the experience is a positive one!

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Rock School

Rock school allows students to learn how to play the guitar, while playing along with quality music at the same time! Great songs, expertly crafted to get the most out of new guitarists ensure that students quickly progress, while playing great music that they’ll just love.

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AMEB Classical stream

Classical guitar is one of the most beautiful instruments to play and listen to, and once students gain proficiency playing classical guitar, they quickly become versatile and musical guitarists. Working through AMEB exams ensure that all of the important parts of a students learning are in place.

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