Guitar Lessons

    • The guitar is an incredibly rewarding, versatile and contemporary instrument to learn. Anyone aged 8 and up are good to go.

      Guitar sounds great as a solo instrument or in a band with others, playing classical or heavy rock. Students can easily perform with others, play in bands and compose their own music.

      Guitar comes naturally to those who:

      • Love a wide range of music.
      • Are good with their hands (colouring, blocks, writing etc).
      • Are happy to sing along with their instrument.
      • Want to be a rock star!

      Learning guitar with Forte means that you will have great opportunities to play with other students, record your own music and learn with the worldwide testing standard Rock School.

      We have the instruments, we have the teachers, all you need to do is book your free trial to get started!

      “Great school. My three children have learnt here for years and love it!”
      Katrina Slack, Toowong
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