Paid Jobs


Master of Ceremonies- David Doherty

  • Announces each performer or group and which piece they will be playing

  • Needs a microphone connected to the PA system

  • Needed all day from 7am

Sound and Lighting-

  • Working in the box at the top of the theatre

  • Needed all day from 8am

Medallion and Certificate Distribution-

  • Giving out the Forte Medallions (pre-ordered) and Certificates to each participant

  • Prior to the event you will receive a list of performers and the concert they have been enrolled in. You will need to sort through this and log it (time taken) for payment purposes

  • Needed all day from 8am


  • Taking photos of the groups and performers with camera assigned

  • Needed all day from 8am

  • Ushers/ Ticket checkers/Roll call (3)-

    • Three ushers and ticket inspectors

    • Marking rolls for each concert

    • Helping parents/guardians and performers know where to go

    • Directing people away from certain areas of the school and providing hand-out maps

    • Distribution of programmes (Gold Coin Donation)

    • Working with liaison for the Green Room Director

    • Checking women are not wearing high heels/ stilettos

    • Wearing a badge and introduction so parents know who to ask for help

    • Toilets and basic amenities

    • Needed all day from 8am

  • Green Room Director- (1 Teacher)

    • In charge of warming up students/performers for going on stage

    • In liaison with teachers

    • Have a copy of various teaching resources for each participant (E.G. a copy of Junior Keys etc…)

    • Best to be a teacher if possible

    • One will also aid on stage when groups are performing to ensure students all have a keyboard etc…

    • Needed all day from 8am

  • Programme maker and designer

    • Will graphically design and print a Programme for the day which breaks up into each separate concert.

    • Including performers names, age (if relevant), their teacher and piece for performance.

    • Have a list of who is who

    • A little bit of information about Forte and what’s coming in the future of the School

    • Prior to concert- not needed on actual day

  • Set-up/ Pack up and sound check (2 teachers/admin/aids)-

    • Moving of equipment and checklist-ing

    • Only needed for a few hours

    • Prior to the event and post concert

    • May want to be 2 roles –paid accordingly

    • Working with David and Jade

  • Teacher Performances (finalized by week 4 of Term 4) -

    • As part of each concert, teachers may wish to perform in ensemble groups together

    • This is a chance for the clients to see teachers in action

    • You may be interested in this, particularly if you can only attend for a finite amount of time on the day. (E.G. one concert)

    • The pay for this will need negotiating

    • Practice time outside of concert hours

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