ToDo List


  1. Collate a list of all your students/classes that wish to perform or you think would be keen to. (Obviously encourage everyone).
  2. Write a list of the teaching materials needed (AMEB books, instruments, photocopies, costumes, props etc…)
  3. Next to each performer’s name write what piece they are playing and level etc.. (email to or

IN THE COMING WEEKS (Beginning of Term 4)

  • Instruct your students/families that they must register with Administration and fees must be paid up front to reserve their spot. Some parents may ask you to reserve a time for them, please direct them to administration.
  • Enrollment for participants/performers will be logged at the front desk with Administration. Direct parents and fee-payers to the administration- teachers are NOT to deal with money!

Tickets and payments will be strongly enforced, whether that’s for a family ticket or individual performers.

  • Make sure you and your students know when to arrive on the concert day. (Tell them 20 minutes before their allotted time)
  • Entries per concert are limited, so please book early!
  • Keep in constant liaison with Toowong and Coorparoo administration staff.
  • Teachers should dress appropriately for the Forte Festival. This means enclosed shoes, smart attire (no shorts, mini skirts, t-shirts, hats etc..) and generally well groomed appearance.
  • Teachers who are performing in small ensembles on the day, need to work out rehearsal schedules and repertoire by week 4 of Term.
  • Remind students that performance and participation in the Forte Festival will be rewarded with $500 Forte Cash


  •  Students may ONLY perform ONE song! This is for time reasons and retaining peoples’ interest.
  • When selecting songs with your students, run through repertoire that you have been doing in the last 3-4 months. Anything beyond this will require a lot more time and effort and could put the student under too much pressure.
  • Pick a piece of appropriate length – this may mean editing some repeats, second time endings and verses/choruses. (Generally, a piece of about 2 pages would be the maximum in terms of time-limit)
  • For classes/shared privates, choose pieces where all the students can be actively involved. For the younger ones, this might include a little dance or introduction.
  • Choose pieces which show-off specific skills and technique (e.g. trilling, bowing, picking, chest-voice, double kicks etc…) This will also make is easier to write a blurb about the students progress for the purpose of our Forte Festival Programme. (Save any comments you type-up, as they may prove useful come end-of-term-time when teachers are required to fill-out formal report cards for each student.
  • Try to assign your student to a concert time that best fits with their performance/ grading level.
  • Remember mature-age/ over 16 year olds should be put in the evening concert/ soiree.


(This information will be collated for the Forte Festival Programme. 50- 100 words is a good length)

Here is an example from one of David’s student profiles:

 Lily is a multi-talented musician who learns both piano and vocals at Forte. She has been with David since February 2013 and previously studied music in Portugal and Austria. Lily loves to sing and has been working on her vocal performance technique to build a strong chest voice and her aural skills to recognize intervals etc… Her repertoire is varied and eclectic, from bands like Pearl Jam to more classically-based songs for operetta and musical theatre. In piano, Lily has been looking at Grade 2 Piano For Leisure pieces, along with accompanying herself to some of the contemporary vocal arrangements.

PERFORMANCE PIECE: Toccata in D minor (J.S. Bach) for Harpsichord

Any Questions?


Please direct questions to Jade at or

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